Rural tourism has featured in new site.

Launch the site It was released on 30/08 the site which aims to encourage the initiatives of rural tourism approaching industry entrepreneurs closer to your pie. Through the site the country estates, hostels, hotels, parks, farms and other activities

What are the Sites Responsive?

If you have heard of responsive sites and you don't know what this means for your business, you may be leaving a large portion of their customers on hand.  Responsive sites are those that adapt and change the size, appearance

The 10 largest social networks in numbers of users (in millions) in April 2017.

This infographic shows the 10 largest social networks in millions of users considering the number of active accounts in April 2017. The leader remains Facebook, which was the first social network to exceed 1 billion registered accounts and currently has

Infographic-5 ingredients to create good content

Content creation professionals, relationship managers, bloggers and many other professionals face the daily challenge of creating good content. Create good content requires effort and work, you can have a good idea, the better, but if not mature and we handle

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